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Crestron Mercury

Crestron Mercury transforms your meeting rooms into highly effective collaboration spaces by combining conferencing features in one easy to use, table top device.



The Crestron Mercury enables people to work together and share content irrespective of location. Exceptional full-duplex audio and optional HD video afford a gratifying and productive meeting experience for all participants. Integrated room scheduling and corporate directory access help to maximize efficiency. Mercury is secure, easy to deploy, easy to manage, and protects your investment by providing room usage data as part of a complete managed enterprise.

Product Features 

  • Full open SIP conferencing speakerphone
  • Bluetooth® pairing with mobile phones
  • USB connectivity for laptops running web conferencing or other software
  • High-definition USB room camera
  • HDMI input for full-motion HD video sources and HDMI output for room display device
  • Integrated 360° quad microphone array
  • High-powered full-range speaker
  • HD color touch screen
  • Consistent and intuitive user interface
  • LDAP corporate directory access
  • Microsoft Exchange Server integration
  • Integrated room scheduling capabilities
  • Built-in PIR occupancy detector
  • Cloud-based provisioning
  • Web browser configuration
  • Enterprise-grade security Dual LAN ports PoE+ powered
  • CEC, IR, or RS-232 display control






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