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Crestron Audio

Expertly engineered audio solutions by Crestron enable users to be heard loud and clear from any room – including the finest home office, enterprise facility, or classroom.

Models to Fit Any Space or Budget

  • Amplifiers deliver the precise sound and listening experience for a variety of applications including home theaters, lecture halls, auditoriums, boardrooms, conference rooms and more.
  • Sonnex is the best-sounding, most powerful multi-zone audio distribution solution that includes a high-powered amp, pre-amp, advanced DSP, and a full 24x8 matrix switcher.
  • PROCISE is a high-definition 7.3 surround sound audio processor that is designed for both commercial and residential applications.

Product Features


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  • Easy installation – provides one-wire audio transport over CAT5e wire or fiber optic cable that delivers 48 channels of uncompressed audio to expanders that can be localized or centralized. 
  • Fully scalable – With CAT5e transport and up to eight room expanders for an astounding 74 stereo zones of robust, audiophile sound quality.
  • Simple integration with Apple – Integrated with Apple AirPlay® and AirPort Express®, users can stream and control audio from an Apple iPhone® or iPad®, and have music start playing in any room.  


  • 7.3HD Surround Sound Processor
  • Automatically calibrates the room so every seat is the best seat in the house
  • Great for high-end home theaters and corporate boardrooms
  • Seamless Crestron DigitalMedia pairing





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