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Biamp Audio Solutions

Have amazing audio solutions that make all the difference, from any seat in the house, with Biamp®.


Be it high vaulted ceilings in houses of worship with reflective surfaces or the ambient noise levels in a school gymnasium. The sound reinforcement and clear intelligibility is needed to accommodate these modern, multipurpose facilities. Biamp's high performance loudspeakers in combination with versatile audio solutions make every event a great experience no matter the room size.

Product Features

Ambient Sense:

  • Automatically adjusts audio levels based on the background noise volume.

Amplified Loud Speaker Controllers: 

  • Optimized power and processing for every community loudspeaker.

One - Touch AV Configuration:

  • Rapidly reconfigure the AV routing based on how the space is used.

Superior Audio Clarity:

  • Products engineered to provide unmatched voice and music reproduction.

Recommended Room Products

Multipurpose Rooms:

  • TesiraFORTÉ
  • Tesira EX-UBT
  • Desono Loudspeakers

Lecture Theaters: 

  • Crowd Mics
  • TesiraLUX
  • Community Line Source Loudspeakers
  • Community Point Source Loudspeakers


  • Tesira SERVER-IO
  • TesiraXEL
  • Community Point Source Loudspeakers

Houses of Worship

  • Desono Column Point Source Loudspeakers
  • Desono Column Line Source Loudspeakers
  • Community Point Source Loudspeakers
  • Amplified Loudspeaker
  • Controllers


  • Community Point Source Loudspeakers
  • Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers


  • Desono Loudspeakers
  • Tesira AMP-450BP
  • TEC-X





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