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AVTEQ Telemedicine Carts

AVTEQ's telemedicine carts are a great solution for remote medical clinics or care facilities located in remote areas. The mobile carts offer ample storage space to accommodate the medical equipment needed for comprehensive patient care.

Models to Fit Any Space or Budget

  • TMP-800 has sleek design, small footprint and secure 10RU storage unit and is highly customizable making it ideal for remote patient care facilities.
  • TMP-600/TMP-600-TT2 comes with ample secure storage (16RU) to accommodate essential medical equipment. Its large 6” dual-wheel casters make it easy to move through a clinic or medical facility. 
  • TMP-200  is a lightweight telemedicine cart and can be customized to meet the needs of any medical facility. Its slim profile make it ideal for use in clinics and medical offices with multiple exam rooms. 

Product Features

  • Support both Single or Dual displays 
  • Integrated adjustable v/c camera platform
  • Front and rear adjustable rack mount bracket
  • Slide out drawer
  • Dual-wheel casters, 2 with brakes
  • Tripp Lite Medical surge protector
  • Easy rollabout design




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