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Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment

Virtualize your unified communications applications and get the same great benefits as any on-premise solution. Simplify your UC environment and seamlessly communicate with Avaya's Virtualized Environment.


  • Easy expansion of existing Avaya Aura installations to extend scale and features
  • Migration to latest release level without additional Avaya appliances
  • Support for legacy equipment as well as SIP based infrastructure
  • Comprehensive list of supported applications for Team and Customer Engagement solutions

Product Features

  • Avaya applications can be deployed on Avaya Common Servers, as VMware supported software on customer provided servers and on the turnkey Avaya Collaboration Pod
  • Resource specifications can be scaled to meet individual user configurations The VMware architecture enables managed movement of Avaya applications to meet requirements for maintenance, administration, support, traffic, and emergencies
  • Reduced hardware costs, simpler maintenance and administration
  • Have the ability to install and administer Avaya applications, virtualized on existing VMware infrastructures, and then expand as needed without investing in additional servers





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