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Solutionz Inc, Announces Acquisition of VSGI

Posted by Jessica Smith on Jun 6, 2022 10:49:10 AM

Solutionz Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire VSGi, Strengthening Their Presence in the Mid-Atlantic Market and Beyond.


LOS ANGELES – June 6, 2022:

Solutionz, Inc. (“Solutionz”), a Fernandez Holdings (“FHI”) portfolio company announced today that it has entered into an agreement to purchase VSGi.  Solutionz is an industry leading audio-visual integrator, managed services and cybersecurity provider across North America. VSGi has successfully provided video conferencing, audio-visual solutions, digital signage, and integrated services for nearly every major agency and department in the Federal government as well as customers in the corporate, healthcare, and education sectors.

The company will operate under the direction of Bill Warnick, Chief Executive Officer of Solutionz, Inc. Regarding the decision to acquire VSGi, Mr. Warnick said, “As we grow into one of the largest integrators in the U.S., customer satisfaction remains our number one priority. Combining our experience, expertise, and partnerships with VSGi will ensure we continue to deliver the very best experience to our growing Federal clientele and other markets.”

Timing the acquisition with the announcement of his retirement, Donald K. Jones, Chief Executive Officer of VSGi says “Joining forces with a rising and thriving integrator like Solutionz is a logical next step for VSGi.” He continued, “By leveraging the success of Solutionz’s business model, we are able to expand our nationwide footprint and build on the success our employees have cultivated over the last 35 years as they continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

About Solutionz, Inc: For over two decades, Solutionz, Inc. has delivered reliable, comprehensive, and best-in-class audio-visual systems to businesses across North America. From consultation to installation to grant advocacy to technical support and post-installation service, Solutionz has been recognized by industry experts as a leading A/V Integrator. Through organic growth and acquisitions, Solutionz continues to expand their geographic footprint to better serve the needs of Fortune 500 companies, law offices, healthcare providers, government agencies, education institutions, and more. For more information, visit: www.solutionzinc.com

About VSGi:

Since 1988, VSGi has served government, commercial, higher education, and healthcare clients by integrating audio and visual systems, including video conferencing, into highly customized solutions. With headquarters in McLean, VA, their cross-functional team of sales, engineering, project management and technical support personnel provide fully integrated turnkey solutions to customers nationwide. For more information, visit: www.vsgi.com


About Fernandez Holdings:

With a portfolio exceeding $2 billion, investment firm Fernandez Holdings, Inc (“FHI”), founded by CEO Kirk Fernandez, remains focused on acquiring profitable middle market businesses with proven management teams, defensible market positions, and sustainable opportunities for growth. All investment capital is owned by FHI and generated by the portfolio companies, has no limited partners or time-constrained investment fund partnerships to influence decisions, allowing for a long-term investment approach. As a member of the FHI family of companies, businesses benefit from the financial strength of FHI and the ability to leverage the expertise of sibling companies to enhance profitability and deliver long-term, sustainable growth. For more information, visit: www.fernandezholdings.com



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