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Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Nov 30, 2016 11:03:00 AM
For just over ten years now, Systems Contractor News has compiled a year-end list of the country’s top fifty systems integrators. The annual survey gives readers the opportunity to zoom out and observe the landscape of the audiovisual industry, with the top half of the list generally consisting of familiar names and the bottom half of the list featuring a who’s-who of newer arrivals. Taken as a whole, SCN’s rundown gives us a glimpse at the evolution of the industry until now and how it might develop in the year to come.
We are proud to announce that Solutionz Conferencing ranked 9th on SCN’s Top 50 Systems Integrators list for 2016 for our continued relevance and resilience in an industry defined by constant change. ( Read More)
Speaking to the challenges of remaining responsive and adaptable in an industry defined by technological innovation, Solutionz CEO Bill Warnick pointed to the vitality of managed services. “Many organizations have an IT staff without a skill-set specific to videoconferencing, interoperability, or video infrastructure that is necessary to understand the crucial advantages of investing in managed services,” Warnick stated. “With our extensive managed services offering, including onsite and remote support, 24/7 help desk, and staff training, we are able to demonstrate the critical role managed services play in a communication strategy, as well as help organizations manage the solution moving forward.”
Another key to remaining competitive in the AV industry is recognizing the increased importance of cloud-based solutions. With versatile, all-in-one cloud conferencing solutions like Prime Call Cloud MeetMe, Solutionz is well ahead of the curve. “The shift in the industry from hardware to cloud or a hybrid solution has encouraged our customers to re-evaluate their communication strategy and the best paths forward,” Warnick said. “Creating the unique specific solution for each customer has driven us to be extremely agile and operate as one team. This enables us to continue to provide turnkey audiovisual and video communications solutions for any organization, no matter the size or budget.”
A big thanks to SCN for including us on their list, and an even bigger thanks to our clients who have chosen to take this ride with us.
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