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Whether you're looking to dispense legacy infrastructure or upgrade, we've got you covered! Unite your networks, scale to tens of thousands of users, and manage and provision your solutions with network solutions.


Providing Seamless Switching and Optimization for Improved Network Performance

The networking services group at Solutionz takes advantage of our years of experience deploying structured cabling for many organizations and pairs that with top technical resources to provide top quality Network Services products for our customers. With our partner Extreme Networks we provide the right solution in the K12, Higher Education, Government and Commercial Markets.

Solutions including: 

  • Network Design Integration, and Support
  • Switching+Routing – both LAN and WAN applications
  • Distribution
  • Wireless
  • Network Access Control
  • BYOD
  • Network Management
  • Real-Time Application Monitoring and Control

Solutionz partners with Extreme Networks to provide best in class solutions to all of your networking needs. From edge switching to your newest “BYOD” initiative Solutionz’ engineers work to provide you with solutions from industry leading technology providers. Networking is no longer just about moving packets. With today’s ever changing technologies and best practices it can make it hard to keep up with what needs to be managed, controlled, and maintained. Summit Systems along with Extreme Networks can help you simplify these challenges down to simply clicks of a button.


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