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Chief provides best in class av integration equipment that give professional installers a leg up. With state-of-the-art mount and rack solutions that can be integrated into the work environment with ease. 



Chief, a division of Milestone AV Technologies, was founded in 1978, and they were innovators right out of the gate. They produced the original projector mount roll, pitch and yaw adjustments, and in the thirty-seven years since, they have become a leader in the AV industry, with hundreds of awards and patented designs to their credit. Of course, the world has come a long way since the days of slides and projectors, but Chief is still there on the front lines, developing new mount and rack solutions for constantly evolving AV tech. Chief’s products are not only easy to install and maintain--they also comply with international environmental regulations, as Chief is committed to an ethic of design and manufacturing that minimizes waste, in an effort to ensure that the world of tomorrow is just as promising as the world of today.

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