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K-12 Audio visual solutions

Learning begins with connection. Schools can facilitate better and more varied levels of engagement by investing in video and mobile solutions that speak to students in a language they understand.



Engaging students has always been a challenge, but with class sizes growing, budgets shrinking and teachers leaving the profession for opportunities elsewhere, the vital connection between instructors and K-12 students appears to be more tenuous than ever. But by integrating video and mobile technology into the day-to-day lives of teachers and their pupils, educational institutions are not only averting this crisis of 21st century schooling, but discovering better ways to deliver stimulating content to students while keeping them connected with teachers and peers alike.

Yes, the dusty chalkboard is a thing of the past, and it’s about time. With Polycom’s RealPresence HD, for instance, a science demonstration performed on the other side of the world can be streamed in vivid and crisp video to students who might not otherwise have access to a lab. And let’s face it: kids born and raised with mobile devices are not too keen on leaving their cherished phones and tablets at home. This doesn’t have to be a problem. With Cisco’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solutions, those phones and tablets can be transformed into educational tools that bring screens to life with material that speaks in the visual language young students have become accustomed to.

The walls of today’s classrooms are often barriers to better learning. But they don’t have to be. By harnessing the power of video and mobile technology, teachers can give students the world.

Solutionz has always had a strong presence in K12 integration. As one of the largest K12 integrators in the United States, Solutionz believes in servicing our Education clients at the highest levels.

Solutionz is not only an integrator of technology, but a consultant and partner in furthering education based technologies. Our core belief is that by providing teachers and districts with the best technologies that are available on the market today, that they can leverage these tools to elevate the literacy and comprehension of our children across the United States.

Our K12 Education team is focused purely on bringing critical technologies to K12 classrooms. We specialize in large scale technology deployments. With our proven approach, our production process automates and simplifies the required workflow to optimize productivity for our clients. This allows us to roll out technology at a pace that is easy for our clients to manage and be trained on, while still hitting critical time frames of these projects. Our team approaches this market with a core focus on quality of solution, deployment, and overall customer experience. Our commitment to all facets of technology from planning through deployment and maintenance gives our clients a complete experience.   


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