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A solution optimized for courtrooms. From judge to jury we're with you every step of the way .


  • Two new monitors mounted on the wall that are connected to a video codec, with a single high definition camera mounted to the side of one of the monitors. 
  • A second high definition camera is mounted on the perpendicular wall to capture the Judge at the front of the room. 
  • A third smaller monitor is provided for the Judge.
  • The monitors display both the participants on the far end of video calls, as well as any content that is being presented and shared.
  • Six table top gooseneck microphones, one amplifier and eight (4 pair) ceiling mounted speakers provide a unified audio experience throughout the Courtroom. 
  • Two table pop-ups and one wall mounted pop-up provide computer connectivity. 
  • Control the video conferencing unit through a touch control panel and a master control system.

Budgetary Cost: $85,500 - $98,500


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