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Implementing a comprehensive video conferencing solution is probably the most important thing a company can do to foster connection and flexibility in a workplace increasingly defined by distance and mobility, but there are times when a video link just isn’t enough. The ability to capture, record and edit video can extend your reach to employees and potential clients alike, by making vital content available to the people who need it, whenever they want it.

With innovative recording solutions like Lifesize Cloud Amplify, Cisco Telepresence Recording Server and the Polycom RealPresence Media Suite, you’re just a few clicks away from producing videos that can be viewed on demand. What follows are just a few of the advantages you’ll enjoy once you start archiving recorded content.

Keep Absent Employees In The Loop
Videoconferencing solutions are a great way to make meetings accessible to telecommuters and traveling colleagues. However, sometimes schedules just don’t align. Maybe some people are on the road and can’t get to a computer. Or time zone differences simply make an all-hands-on-deck scenario impossible. Regardless of the reason, if key players can’t be there, they can play catch up by watching an archived recording of the meeting they missed. No one will have any excuse for not being on the same page.

Bring New Employees Up To Speed
Of course it’s important for new team members to get a thorough in-person orientation--someone will have to show them where the bathroom is, at the very least--but creating video content that introduces new employees to the ideals and aims of their new workplace is an excellent way to bring folks into the fold in a consistent and welcoming manner. Starting a new job can be confusing and disorienting. Don’t let new hires flounder--let them know where they are, who you are, and where they fit in. Plus, including longtime employees in the production of your orientation video can be an effective team-building exercise.

Simplify Training Schedules
There’s no reason business has to grind to a halt while employees attend training sessions. Recording and editing a succinct training presentation frees up your schedule, allowing you to offer training opportunities to employees in shifts. Or just save the training for a time when things are slow. No one wants to deliver a lecture to a large group of grumpy people who would rather be catching up with the work at their desks. So save it for a time when people can really focus. Training is important. So treat it that way.

Client Outreach
You’ll probably want to keep the majority of your recordings stored on a secure server--you don’t want to make those strategy meetings public--but you can also use capture solutions to produce short promotional videos for your webpage and social media outlets, as well. Get creative with the camera and show potential clients what you’re made of. Fresh and punchy copy is important, sure, but images can sometimes say more than words.

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