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Improve Your Recruiting with Video Conferencing

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on May 16, 2017 11:33:00 AM
You want the best and brightest people working for you. You want the dedicated innovators and the deep thinkers. A simple text-based job listing will certainly be enough to attract interest, but supplementing your listings with inventive and informative videos will help attract the kind of top talent that keeps companies exciting and thriving. Here are a few tips for using video to recruit the people you want and need.
Capture Your Company Culture
You could write a labored essay trying to describe what makes your company special, but it is much easier--not to mention more effective--to take your candidates on a virtual tour of your enterprise. Show them where they’ll be working! Take them behind the scenes with footage of a staff meeting! Let them see the break room and the water cooler and the janitor’s closet! Okay, maybe they don’t have to see the janitor’s closet. Some things should never be seen. But you get where we’re going--put together an enticing video portrait of the faces and spaces that make your company what it is.
Give Your Employees A Voice
Who better to give a prospective candidate the inside scoop than people who already work for your company? You might think you know everything about your company, but let’s face it--you probably don’t know as much as the people who work for you. That’s why you hired them! To know stuff! Video testimonials by current employees can be an attention-grabbing way to let candidates know what their day-to-day will look like. Let your employees talk! Especially the happy ones! Keep those grumps out of it.
Stand Out At Job Fairs
Job fair attendees have heard every version of every recruitment spiel. They don’t need (or want) to hear it all again. Use the videos mentioned above to attract eyeballs to your little corner of the packed floor. Candidates will appreciate the opportunity to take a break from shaking hands and listening to speeches. It’s simple: people like looking at screens! Having dispensed with the laborious introductions, you can focus on making real connections with the people visiting your booth.
Expand Your Reach, Amplify Your Message
Videos can be a great way to get your message beyond the borders of career websites. A clever and well-produced video posted on Facebook or Twitter will find people that otherwise might not have seen your listing. Of course, the world of social media is busy and loud, so your video will really have to stand out. Get people sharing your video, though, and you’re golden.
Conduct Interviews
Now that you’ve sorted through the ocean of candidates and distilled it down to a pool of contenders, you can continue using video in the hiring process. Conducting your first round of interviews via video is a simple and time-saving way to get to know your top candidates and narrow the field even more. Yes, it was an ocean and now it’s a field. You get the idea. A video interview is usually enough to know whether you want to let someone through to the next round of interviews. And then you can meet them in person. Finally!
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