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Unified Communications at Manchester City’s Stadium

Posted by Chessie Skates on May 23, 2013 2:04:00 PM

Unified Communications

Manchester City’s Soccer Stadium will soon be the Premier League’s most fan-friendly and technologically advanced stadium with the help of Cisco and an in-depth unified communication system. The stadium, which has a 47,000 seating capacity and has been applauded for it’s cutting edge facilities, will install Cisco’s Connected Stadium Wi-Fi solution. This will deliver high speed internet access in the stadium and round it for thousands of mobile devices including phones and tablets.

The unified communication network at the stadium will feature a High-Density Wi-Fi network allowing fans and attendees to use their devices to access the internet, share their event experiences, and interact with soccer fans via social media.  It also comes equipped with StadiumVision Mobile which delivers video and event information to mobile devices almost immediately. StadiumVision also offers channels with content, trivia, stats, replays, alternate angle views, and more.

These unified communication services will also give enhanced connectivity for phone calls and texts so the frustration of an over-loaded network will no longer be an issue. While being able to use social media during a soccer game may seem trivial to some, imagine getting lost or separated from your group at a huge sporting event. With so many people talking, texting, and using their phone at once, it is impossible to call in order to reconnect with your group.

Not only with this mobile unified communication allow sports fans to take their experience to a whole new level, but music lovers and other events the stadium hosts. All of the StadiumVision perks will be available for these occasions as well.

Topics: mobile unified communications, mobile video conferencing, soccer, stadium vision


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