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Huddle rooms represent an opportunity to respond to the needs of a more diffuse and mobile workforce. You might not want to bother with this buzzword, but your employees probably do. So let’s look at why and how you should get on board.

Why Huddle Rooms?

Open office plans can be invigorating little hives of productivity, but the banter and chatter of co-workers is not going to work for everyone all the time. People still need quiet places to focus or take an important call. Or simply check some emails away from the noise. Enter the huddle room, a versatile and modestly sized space where individuals can enjoy peace and privacy, or where small groups can meet for video conferences and brainstorming sessions. Huddle rooms are also great places for remote workers to do their thing when they come into the office.

How To Make It Happen

First, you need a room that can accommodate around six people, plus the necessary furniture and computer equipment. A huddle room is basically a tiny conference room, so whatever your employees have access to in the conference room should be duplicated in the huddle room.

Which is to say your huddle room should be outfitted with video conferencing and collaboration technology that allows them to connect with co-workers and customers. Moving your office over to a cloud-based solution like Prime Call Cloud UC, which is interoperable with all devices, will make transitions between work spaces seamless and easy, as your employees, whether on-site or remote, can be sure to stay connected no matter what they are connecting with when they transition into the huddle room.

Since the huddle room, like the conference room, will be a place to brainstorm and hash out ideas, the collaboration solution you choose should also have whiteboarding features, as well as content-sharing and screen-sharing capabilities. Poly's recently released room solution, Poly G7500, is a sterling example of such all-in-one collaboration solutions, and it comes with Poly's patented AcousticFence and NoiseBlock technology to boot.

The huddle room presents its own particular challenges, however. Chief among them: capturing the small space on camera. Luckily, Avaya has recently engineered an answer for that. Its HC020 Huddle Camera, is, as the name clearly suggests, a camera expressly designed for huddle rooms. With a wide field of view and digital Pan Tilt Zoom, the HC020 ensures everyone will be in the frame.

Learn more about Prime Call Cloud UC and other huddle room solutions and please contact us if you have any questions about pricing and implementation. Use our Advanced Search tool to find anything else you’re looking for.

If you’re still on the fence about cloud conferencing and huddle rooms, sign up for a free trial of Prime Call Cloud UC and give it a try.


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