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Professional Integrators are Key to Quality Security Systems

Posted by Molly Malone on Feb 25, 2022 12:17:43 PM

The safety and security of people and property are top priorities for facilities management professionals. To provide the best protection, facility managers work with commercial low-voltage integrators to design, install, integrate and service the right security infrastructure for a specific site. Access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance are key components of physical security designs. The three systems can be customized to meet client needs and budgets and, most importantly, these systems can be integrated together for comprehensive physical security protections.

A well designed Access Control solution enables an organization to control access to a building or complex of buildings. Using electric lock hardware, access control systems require a dedicated credential and a corresponding reader installed next to a door; traditionally these credentials are a card, a digital code, a fob or even a fingerprint. Advances in technology now allow mobile phones with a downloaded app to function as access credentials. Access control systems are run on a primary server with software that acts as a central database and file manager, recording activity and distributing information to field panels that act as control panels for various parts of the overall system. 

As part of physical access monitoring, Intrusion Detection systems use sensors to detect unauthorized activity, including perimeter sensors, motion sensors, contact sensors and glass break sensors. Response actions to breaches can include audible alarms sounding and notifications to designated personnel and law enforcement.  

A compliment to access control and intrusion detection, Video surveillance allows an organization to visually monitor a premise and can be key to verifying information generated by the other two systems. With IP cameras connected to new or existing networks, the ability to record and archive high definition video makes video surveillance the answer for several valuable security concerns. Protecting against theft, burglaries, and vandalism, ensuring employee and public safety and documenting workplace accidents are several of the top reasons to invest in security cameras.  

Working with a professional integrator ensures that all technical specifications for the monitored environment are properly selected and deployed, including cameras, lenses, housing, mounts, switchers, recording and video storage options. Systems can scale from a single location to multiple locations and even a global solution for large enterprises. 

Selecting an integrator that uses non-proprietary hardware is very important for future expansion and integration with other systems, cost control and ease of maintenance. Ask a potential security integrator if all products selected for your project are UL-listed products, ensuring the safety and reliability of your security components. Request references for past projects of a similar size and scope to verify that security professionals stand behind their work and provide ongoing service and support. Finally, when installation is complete, expect that a full-set of documentation with as-built drawings is provided to facilitate future expansion and repairs.  

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