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Quick Tips for Telecommuting

Posted by Chessie Skates on Jun 10, 2013 12:23:00 PM

Video conferencing is now available to almost anyone due to the capabilities of smartphones and computers. This technology, including FaceTime, Skype and GoogleTalk, has led to a rise in telecommuting allowing employees like account managers or sales to work from home. With all these people working out of their home-office, it begs the question of how does “business attire” or “business casual” translate appropriately to “home-office” attire?

 One of the many benefits of telecommuting is (theoretically) wearing whatever you want. Wearing yoga pants or a t-shirt and ball cap is perfect for a day full of phone calls and updating spreadsheets. Have a video conference to attend? Probably not okay to wear the same thing you just wore to clean the bathroom.

Video conferencing virtually puts you in the meeting room. Being involved in one should be treated the same way as physically attending the meeting or conference. Wearing what you would wear to the office for a face-to-face meeting is an unspoken requirement. This means dressing the part head-to-toe as well (you never know if you’ll have to get up to grab a document or file). Thanks to these telecommuting solutions, many first interviews are being conducted via video link. Again, this is the time to wear exactly what you would wear to an in-person interview.

Another telecommuting faux-pas is having other family members, roommates, dogs, or pets in the room while the conference is taking place. Make sure you inform those you live with that you are about to step into a meeting and you will need no interruptions, put the dog outside or in the basement, and turn your phone on silent.

The last things to consider when using video are the constraints of having a professional video call via mobile telecommuting. Be aware of where you are, how you are dressed, the noise level, and connection strength when you are taking a video call on the fly. If you are at a noisy café, grocery store, or restaurant, you might want to consider relocating before accepting. If you have one scheduled and you know you are going to be on the road that day, try and plan the best you can to take the call from somewhere that will not be distracting to you or the person you are meeting with.

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