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Let’s be honest, no one likes having their offices upended indefinitely for construction or installation of anything. If we must have changes made to our environments, we want things to go smoothly; that means fast, quiet, clean, respectful people come in and get the job done and leave with minimal disruption and satisfactory results. We expect one point of contact, and we want that person to be responsive and informed about our project. With technology (i.e., audio/visual, security, network, and infrastructure, etc.) installations, a professional project manager makes all the difference ensuring quality results with seamless planning and implementation.

Project Managers (PMs) in the audio visual industry interface with a variety of people in organizations to implement plans for onsite installations. After a system design is approved by a client, the Sales Account Executive holds an internal turnover meeting with engineering and project management to ensure that everyone has the same information about a particular project. This turn over meeting is the point where the project is “handed over” to a PM to begin planning the installation with client representatives.

Often, clients assign one designated person to be the point of contact for AV project managers to coordinate with; however, that is not always the case. PMs often need to contact facilities managers, human resources, administrative staff and/or security to gain access to project sites. High security sites, like military bases and other government facilities, may require a variety of background information specific to all team members coming onsite. PMs coordinate all details surrounding gaining access to project sites during appropriate times for technicians to complete installations. 

Supply chain issues often intensify the work of AV project managers who are responsible for ensuring that all the required equipment for an installation is assembled in the warehouse and ready for delivery to the site on the designated day. Keeping clients informed of availability and delays is an important part of client relationships and a key function of PMs 

Once the target onsite installation date is established, technical resources are assignedPMs work with Operation Managers to ensure that installation teams have all the information and materials to go onsite and complete successful installations with minimal impact on clients’ operations. PMs actively monitor the progress of installations and keep clients informed of any issues. If a client decides to modify the planned installation with additional equipment, the PM will process the change order to ensure clients’ needs are met and timely change orders are processed for pay; ultimately, helping to align the cost of the projects with the clients budgeted payments. 

Project managers work hard to keep projecton schedule and running smoothlyProfessional PMs juggle unending variables with the goal of delivering successful outcomes marked by clients’ complete satisfaction.  

Engaging with professional audio visual integrators for quality results means having great customer experiences. From initial consultations to installations and services, Solutionz is the technology partner trusted to deliver technology expertise. Contact Solutionz for your next project! 


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