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Mobile devices have already taken over ownership of PC’s, and that means the requirement to integrate video conferencing into these devices is critical. The demand for a mobile video conferencing solution is almost mandatory and one that provides compatibility with desktop and room systems is essential.

Utilizing this mobile video conferencing technology is key so that you can get the maximum ROI.  Follow these 5 tips to make the most of its potential:

Connect from anywhere: mobile video conferencing is for anyone who needs to collaborate via video from school, home offices, the airport, etc. Allowing employees the flexibility to work from home or to dial in from a remote location is something that several new prospects look for and value in a prospective employer.

Promote the use of video: to everyone, including customers, vendors, potential employees and more. Mobile video is available to almost anyone with a mobile device and internet connection. Products such as PrimeCall from Solutionz Conferencing permits people using Skype, Google Talk, Lync and more from their smartphone (or desktop) to join in video calls with room and enterprise grade systems securely. The more you use this technology and encourage everyone to do the same the better your ROI will be.

Implement a “BYOD” program: Letting employees use their own personal device for work purposes will save you from having to provide employees with an additional work smart phone and will allow employees to own one mobile device rather than many. The PrimeCall technology mentioned above allows for personal preference because it is compatible with Apple and Android devices. 

Sync technologies: having mobile and desktop video conferencing technologies collaborate together and sync programs like video calls, calendars and email saves you time and confirms nothing gets lost or misinterpreted.

Quality is crucial: video conferencing software and hardware is essential and cutting cost on something this important is not going to help improve your ROI. Investing in a consumer-grade system may be an easier decision at first because it saves money. However, in long run if the quality of the audio and video aren’t up to par, employees will not utilize the system and money will be lost. Conference rooms are a necessity but sometimes getting all of your employees in the same place at the same time can involve lots of effort, rather than allowing them to be able to make the same call from a phone or desktop. Adoption is significant to getting a high ROI.

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