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Lifesize Adds Voice-Activated Controls With Alexa For Business

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Jul 7, 2020 8:55:38 AM

Video conferencing provider, Lifesize, has announced a native integration with Alexa for Business, which will allow Lifesize customers to access voice-activated controls on their meeting room systems. To inaugurate their new partnership, Lifesize and Amazon Web Services will be offering 90 days of complimentary service for joint customers to trial Lifesize with Alexa for Business.

Lifesize’s announcement comes at a time of great transition and transformation in the workplace. With workers returning to offices around the world in the coming weeks and months, safety will be a top priority. Companies will be searching out solutions that reduce risk.

“We recently polled meeting room decision makers in North America to understand what they are considering in their meeting rooms to meet safety concerns when employees return to the office,” said Craig Durr, senior analyst at Wainhouse Research. “Our research indicates that in the next 12 to 18 months, voice-based controls will be a top technology of interest, potentially leapfrogging alternative solutions that require touching a remote control, room-based PC or some other piece of shared equipment.”

The Alexa for Business integration will enable Lifesize Icon users to check in and claim rooms; dial directory contacts; start meetings; and activate room controls. The Alexa for Business dashboard facilitates room management through calendar integrations in addition to analyzing and reporting room utilization metrics.

Taken as a whole, Lifesize’s deployment of Alexa for Business gives companies the ability to equip teams with the collaboration tools they need while reducing the health risks inherent in touch screen technology.

Bobby Beckmann, chief technology officer at Lifesize, says the Alexa for Business integration will “[unlock] boundless productivity potential plus increased efficiency and safety for in-room meetings as organizations introduce touchless computing as part of their post-COVID-19 return to the workplace.”

“Alexa for Business’ security, privacy and automation controls are unparalleled, and we look forward to building on them to empower our customers with all sorts of skills and features,” he says.

Once your complimentary 90-day trial ends, the Alexa for Business service can be paid for on a per-device basis through your company’s Alexa for Business account.

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