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Lifesize Unveils New 4K Solutions

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Apr 24, 2019 9:54:57 AM

Late last year, Lifesize became the first manufacturer to offer a true 4K video and content sharing video conferencing solution. With 20x zoom, dual display support, ultra-wideband Opus audio and rich camera optics, the Icon 700 leapt to the front of the video conferencing pack.

Now, Lifesize is expanding its 4K offerings. This time, they are taking aim at small and medium-sized rooms. There are currently around 32 million huddle rooms around the world, but only 2 percent of these rooms are video-enabled. Lifesize is ready to fill those rooms with peerless video and content-sharing capabilities.

With four times the pixels than an average HDTV, 4K displays offer a level of detail that will soon be the standard in rooms big and small. Lifesize is just getting a jump on the competition.

“Smaller meeting spaces and huddle rooms play a critical role in organic collaboration, but they are lacking technologically when compared to larger meeting spaces,” said Lifesize CEO Craig Malloy. “To bring video collaboration to the entire business, organizations need cost-effective ways to provide employees with video quality that rivals the in-room meeting experience coupled with a familiar, intuitive interface that makes video conferencing second nature. That’s exactly what we are delivering with the new Icon 300 and 500.”

Designed with smaller spaces in mind, the Icon 300 includes an ultra-wide field of view, support for 4K full-motion content sharing and audio engineering that eliminates distracting noise. The 300 will be ideal for companies looking to add cutting edge collaboration and conferencing technology to their huddle rooms.

The Icon 500, meanwhile, has been designed for medium-sized rooms. With dual display support, integrated 5x zoom and 4K video quality, the 500 will ensure meeting participants and content alike will be brought to bright and crystal clear life.

“Our goal with our next generation of Lifesize solutions was to challenge the status quo of ‘good enough’ quality and create a better-than-in-person meeting experience that eliminates the stress, time and money waste associated with commuting to and from meetings,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize.

Both new additions to the Icon series were showcased in March at Enterprise Connect 2019. The Icon 300 is immediately available, while the Icon 500 is currently available for pre-orders with a projected summer 2019 release on the horizon.

Find out more about Lifesize and its Icon Series and contact us with any questions you might have about pricing and implementation. We will have one of our experts get back to you shortly. If there’s something else you’re looking for, please use our Advanced Search tool to find it.



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