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Lifesize Unveils New Cisco And Polycom Integrations

Posted by Ashley Jones on Feb 8, 2018 10:54:00 AM

Lifesize used the occasion of February’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show to announce a host of improvements and additions to Lifesize Cloud. The big attention-getter was Lifesize’s unveiling of new integration features for Cisco and Polycom video systems.

For companies that have already invested in Polycom and Cisco infrastructure, Lifesize’s new integration strategy opens the door for customers to enjoy the myriad benefits of a cloud-based collaboration solution. Although users have always been able to call with Lifesize using standard protocols, the new integration features will allow customers with Cisco and Polycom video systems to take advantage of tools like dual-stream video, firewall traversal and directory dialing.

“For our customers that have those products, they might have made the investment over the last few years--it offers them the ability to connect into our cloud service and enable all the features and functionality that they previously weren’t able to,” said Andy Nolan, Lifesize VP of UK, Ireland and Northern Europe.

Lifesize also announced plans to route audio and video within an internal network when possible. Such direct routing bypasses unnecessary cloud traffic and lowers bandwidth in the process. This will result in improved latency and overall superior audio and video quality.

“If you have a lot of people that work from one location, or a campus environment, it can save money on bandwidth and further improve their experience,” said Nolan.

Lifesize’s iOS and Android apps are getting makeovers, as well. Redesigned with a modern UI, the apps will now boast features like listen-only mode, pinch-to-zoom, call and chat notifications, and invitation-via-text. Lifesize has also redesigned its Outlook add-in, which allows suers to create and schedule meetings as well as instantly initiate a Lifesize call directly from Outlook.

When they weren’t busy announcing new features, Lifesize was collecting awards. ISE 2018 found Lifesize winning the AV Technology Europe Best of Show award for its groundbreaking app.

“The boundaries and borders within and between organizations as they collaborate have almost entirely disappeared,” said Lifesize CEO Craig Malloy. “In this genuinely global business environment, the value of secure, reliable and effortless communication and collaboration are no longer in question.”.

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