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Job satisfaction has never been a simple matter of receiving fair remuneration for services rendered. A paycheck is the prime objective, sure, but people have always wanted more than that from work: a feeling of community, a sense of accomplishment, the satisfaction of a job well done, etc. You get the idea. This will always be the case, but the passage of time has changed the way companies meet these needs. Casual Fridays and vacation time might once have been sufficient to motivate employees and let them know they were appreciated, but expectations have changed, especially among younger people entering the workforce.

(Note: vacations are still a must!)

The instant access and lifestyle flexibility engendered by the internet has transformed the nature of work: telecommuting allows companies to give their employees an unprecedented amount of freedom, and the unimaginable vastness contained in a cell phone means that anyone can be an expert on pretty much anything. Answers are a mere click away and personal time is no longer so rigidly defined against professional time.

To ignore this seismic shift in the way people think about work is to risk stifling the creativity and drive that is necessary to keep a company vital and productive. People now live in a personalized, virtualized world--a world in which we are increasingly empowered to make our own schedules and call on a seemingly infinite number of resources to get our questions answered.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow for companies stuck in the old ways of doing things, but it’s not all that difficult to adjust to this new paradigm. The key: we must embrace the cloud. Shifting to cloud computing gives employees the flexibility and responsiveness they expect by liberating them from the cubicle and granting them instant access, which in turn increases productivity, streamlines otherwise unruly projects and reduces costly investments in tech infrastructure.

Prime Call Cloud MeetMe, for instance, is a video meeting service that requires NO on-premise infrastructure or IT support, while enabling anyone (whether in the office, at home, halfway across the world, you name it) on any advice to chat via video. A service like Prime Call Cloud MeetMe responds to new needs: for freedom, for easier collaboration, for faster answers, for happier work. For everyone. 

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