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Adding Digital Signage With Design In Mind

Posted by Ashley Jones on Mar 13, 2018 12:00:00 AM

The benefits of video walls and digital signage are many. Such solutions allow companies to eliminate costs associated with printed matter (like posters, billboards and brochures) while increasing brand awareness in such a way that improves business--80% of brands that use digital signage experience a sales increase of 33%. And with digital signage, you can respond to the ever-shifting nature of the market by updating your displays with just a few clicks.

But we are talking about more than just throwing up a screen on whatever patch of lobby wall is empty. To take full advantage of the potential power of video walls and digital displays, you have to think of the big picture. How do your screens integrate into the architecture of design of your building? Where are all the cables going to hide? Will it be simple to perform maintenance on the video wall?

These are vital design and accessibility questions that cannot wait until after you’ve purchased the components of your video array. This is more than an IT issue--it is a project on which architects and contractors and interior designers should have a role.

Consider, for instance, the weight of video equipment. Will that lobby wall be able to bear such a load? What about the heat generated by the gear? Do you have a plan in place for keeping your equipment cool? Where will you plug everything in?

These questions might be stressing you out. Don’t let them. But you should be aware of the issues that will arise if you do not consider every angle. And the best way to address them is to do so early and often, with experts who know the answers to questions you haven’t even thought to ask yet.

You wouldn’t build a pool in your backyard by digging a hole and running a hose out to it. You wouldn’t add a second story to your house without considering zoning laws and retrofitting. And so you shouldn’t think of a digital signage solution as a newfangled TV you can just mount with a few screws before quitting time. It is an architectural feature that will become the first thing people notice when they enter your building, so treat it with the attention and care it deserves. You will be happy you did.

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