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Safety First: Securing Your Video Conferencing And Collaboration

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Sep 26, 2019 9:56:23 AM

No matter what business you happen to be in, confidentiality should be a top priority. You don’t have to be working in government secrets to be wary of data breaches and accidental leaks. With the rise of cloud-based computing, people are more concerned than ever about how information travels and where it ends up. With that in mind, we have a few security tips for keeping your video communications safe and secure.


A recent report released by security vendor Egress found that a majority of data breaches reported to the UK Information Commissioner's Office in the first half of this year were the result of human error. A staggering 18% of those breaches were due to users simply emailing the wrong person or failing to BCC recipients. 5% were chalked up to falling for a phishing scam. These numbers pertain to written communication more than video collaboration, but they suggest that providing basic security training to your employees can go a long way toward shoring up your defenses. No matter how “smart” your technology, there will ultimately be a fallible human being using it. People will always make mistakes, but they can learn how to avoid the most basic ones.

BYOD Policies

One of the best things about modern cloud-based collaboration solutions like Prime Call Cloud UC is that your employees can use their own devices to connect and communicate. But that also means you cede some of your control over potentially sensitive information, which can now travel to and fro on countless personal cell phones and tablets and laptops. You’ll probably never fill every fissure through which data might leak, but by establishing and enforcing BYOD (bring your own device) policies that limit when and where and how your employees conduct business on their personal devices, you can ensure more secure lines of communication.


Even the most airtight, carefully monitored conferencing solution is going to have technical hiccups, which is why it’s important to keep your software updated with the latest fixes and upgrades. Better yet, let your cloud-conferencing provider manage the whole deal for you. With Prime Call Cloud UC, all upgrades are automatically delivered to all endpoints, which means every user gets the latest software version immediately, without any IT intervention.

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption ensures that only intended recipients and approved participants can read or see or otherwise interact with shared content and video streams. Conferencing solutions like Cisco Spark and Prime Call Cloud UC come equipped with this security feature, as it has pretty much become industry standard. Just be sure the aforementioned updates are running smoothly to stay one step ahead of potential security threats.

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