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4 Collaboration Benefits You're Missing

Posted by Chessie Skates on Jun 27, 2014 8:55:00 AM


We all know that Collaboration promotes business. Employees are more engaged with access to the resources and information they need, and with an engaged workforce comes more loyalty, productivity and satisfaction. To achieve these business results collaboration has to be simple, whether it’s between teams, individuals, customers, or partners.

How can a collaborative environment improve your organization? Here are a few benefits that may spark your interest!

Encourage Innovation

Connecting people often results in collaborating inside and outside of the office.  Brainstorming sparks new ideas and offers new perspectives, while collaboration increases the decision making process. A collaborative environment allows employees to use their own smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Giving employees the flexibility to work the way they want positions your organization for quicker and greater success.

Motivate Growth

A collaborative environment allows you to form a closer relationship with customers. Using the customers channel of choice helps determine understanding of customer needs, respond quickly and consistently and increase problem solving. Interaction can stimulate growth and sales allowing you to create innovative services for customers to elevate satisfaction and build loyalty. 

Strengthen Relationships

we know in-person meetings are most effective, but in most cases travel is time consuming and costly. Video conferencing solutions can provide the feel of in-person meetings without the time and costs it takes to travel. These collaboration solutions lengthen your reach to more people, regardless of their locations. Easier collaboration means meeting more frequently, thus strengthening relationships.

Reduce Expenses 

Reducing travel expenses through conferencing solutions is awesome. But you can also reduce communication and network infrastructure costs by linking capabilities onto one network. A single network-based environment for collaboration makes it easier to grow, requires fewer IT resources, minimizes equipment requirements and allows you to add new components when you’re ready. You can also install collaboration as a cloud-based service for effortless management and the potential to grow as you need.

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