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Recently named a “Visionary” in Gartner’s annual Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions, StarLeaf specializes in video conferencing services that are secure, reliable and easy to use. With StarLeaf Cloud, you can connect any hardware endpoint to the cloud and enjoy StarLeaf’s top notch service from wherever you are. Let’s take a look at a few features that make StarLeaf so special. 

Centralized Management

No matter the size of your company, how many meeting rooms you have, or where in the world your employees work, StarLeaf’s centralized management tools allow you to update and monitor your conferencing solution from a single location. Whether you want to set up access for new employees or check on your network health, you need only log in to the user-friendly dashboard. Everything you need will be right there. 

Customer Success

Our team is there to make sure you and your organization are getting the most out of your cloud conferencing solution. We can walk you through relevant use cases that can help you take advantage of messaging, meeting and calling capabilities. Whether you’re looking to set up your conference rooms or deploy StarLeaf to laptops and mobile devices, we can get you where you need to be in no time. 

Professional Guidance

StarLeaf offers a user-friendly, intuitive cloud conferencing experience, but if you’re ever in need of some guidance or just want to perfect your conferencing game, you can peruse their YouTube channel and check out some how-to videos. Or you can hop on over to their Knowledge Center, which is home to a number of articles that will answer any question you might have about the platform. 

Personalized Support

With data centers and points of presence around the world, StarLeaf has a 99.999% uptime guarantee, and their total platform ownership means that StarLeaf can respond quickly and effectively to risk. Which is to say you can expect StarLeaf to run efficiently pretty much all the time. However, on the off chance that you need help navigating a glitch or hiccup of any kind, StarLeaf’s real-life support team will be there to assist. Simply hit “send feedback” in the “account” tab of your StarLeaf app, and you’ll have help in no time. 

Learn more about StarLeaf and sign up for a free trial now. If you have questions about StarLeaf or any other video conferencing solutions, please contact us now. We will have one of our experts get back to you as soon as possible. If there’s anything else you’re looking for, use our Advanced Search tool to find it.

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