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Mobile conferencing solutions like Prime Call Cloud UC and Cisco Spark make it easier than ever to join meetings from tablets and smartphones. Such convenience is great to all employees, whether they’re on the move or in the office. The former contingent, most often seen hustling to catch a flight, can quickly sign in to a video conference from whatever lobby or waiting area they happen to be working from, while the latter group can take advantage of BYOD flexibility and share content with a mere touch of their screen.

You want your employees collaborating and connecting in whatever ways work for them, so extending the reach of your conferencing solution to include smartphones and tablets is crucial. That said, these compact devices are not necessarily ideal for all mobile conferencing needs. For employees whose work takes them hither and yon, laptops are still the best way to go mobile. 

The most obvious advantage of a laptop is screen size. Sure, you can join a video call on a smartphone or tablet, but considering the modest screen dimensions, you are pretty much limited to one-on-one klatches. For meetings that involve additional parties, you’ll want the extra screen space offered by a laptop.

The larger laptop screen also makes it much easier to multitask while on a video call. Doing two things at once is notoriously difficult on smaller mobile devices. But on a laptop, you can keep up your side of a conversation while searching for relevant documents or checking your inbox.

This is not to mention the sheer processing power of a laptop, which still dwarfs the abilities of smartphones and tablets. Video conferencing solutions are Swiss army knifes at this point. They come loaded with an array of features that you will want to use. And to gain the maximum advantage afforded by these features, you’ll want as much processing heft as you can reasonably carry with you.

And lest you are worried about your laptop’s built-in camera--which, let’s be real, is a legitimate concern--there are always add-ons like the Starleaf PT Mini 3020, a USB-friendly hardware option that works with any video application while offering superior image quality.

Learn more about our wide range of mobile solutions and contact us with any questions about pricing or implementation. We will have one of our experts get back to you as soon as possible. If there’s something else you’re looking for, use our Advanced Search tool to find it.


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