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Cybersecurity Should Be a Priority for Your AV Integrator

Posted by Molly Malone on May 20, 2021 2:25:46 PM

We see the tremendous costs of failed cybersecurity programs in the news every day. According to one widely reported study, in 2021 the global cost associated with ransomware recovery will exceed $20 billion and ransomware attacks against businesses will occur every 11 seconds.

With the fast-changing digital landscape, understanding the threats and how to protect your organization can be daunting. When it comes to information security, trusted technology partners with solid cybersecurity software are the key to business continuity. Solutionz has determined that it is our responsibility to provide an extra layer of protection to our customers, so our powerful cybersecurity solution comes standard with each new project we install. If your AV/UC/IoT integrator is not talking to you about cybersecurity, find a technology partner who will ensure that you are protected.

Solutionz offers affordable and easy to deploy security services. Our cloud-based SaaS cybersecurity solution delivers fully automated network monitoring, detection and blocking specifically designed for small and midsize businesses (SMB).

While Solutionz has cybersecurity expertise to cover larger organizations, here is more information about how our powerful yet simplified cybersecurity solution helps SMBs protect their networks from intrusions.

Because most major cybersecurity firms are designed to protect the top 1% of large companies, Solutionz saw a tremendous need in the marketplace for cybersecurity solutions that protect SMBs from cyberattacks. The beauty of Solutionz cybersecurity is that it can be easily deployed as a layer over existing cybersecurity solutions, an added layer of protection at a fraction of the cost!

SMBs often do not have large IT teams to monitor and respond to cyberattacks. Solutionz monitors, blocks and reports threats. While clients have access to an elegant user interface that provides visibility into threat activities, no internal resources are required to address nefarious network activity. Solutionz is a trusted technology partner providing organizations a stream of data about what is coming in and out of their network and then delivering solid value by applying sophisticated analytics and blocking capabilities without requiring the customer to do anything.

Threats are detected by examining the IP addresses coming into networks and scoring threat levels based on three primary components:

  • A combination of dozens of threat intelligence feeds combined with proprietary analytics that gauge the relative merit of each list, the history of the IP’s list presence, and other factors to determine if an IP present on a list should, in fact, be scored a high risk connection

  • Proprietary predictive analytics to assess the risk of IPs not on any threat intelligence list

  • Community analytics based on patented technology used to, for example, reduce the rate of false positives

Solutionz invites you to contact us for a proof of concept. Our team is ready to demonstrate the ease of deployment and the power of protection offered through our SaaS cybersecurity solution.

Data breaches exposed 36 billion records in the first half of 2020. Can you afford not to invest in cybersecurity?


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