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Audio Visual Integrators specialize in designing and installing videoconferencing and collaboration systems. The science behind adjusting for spatial variables cannot be underestimated when evaluating the value proposition of AV integrators.

The best integrators add value by listening carefully to a clients’ needs, understanding the specific goals of functionality, and combining the best components in the right places to achieve quality results. A system that is properly designed takes expertise and careful planning to ensure optimal acoustics, lighting, and camera placement--all customized to the client’s needs, space and budget.

Acoustical expertise is a key factor when selecting an AV integrator. Engineers measure and adjust sound designs based on room shape and size, ceiling heights, the presence of glass walls, where presenters will sit or stand, the presence of items in the room that will affect sound absorption and the exterior factors that may require sound insulation. Knowing where to place microphones and speakers, and in what quantities for optimal listening, is the difference between clear communication and purpose-defeating frustration.

The success of a video systems depends on finding the right camera to meet the unique space requirements and ensuring that the installation is properly outfitted for ease of operation. Camera placement is highly important for delivering high- quality videoconferencing.

Depending on the functional goals for the room, more than one camera may be needed; a second camera focused on a collaboration board may make all the difference for interactive design discussions. Engineers select cameras based on several key factors including locations of participants, desired field of vision, available lighting, options for camera placement and mounting, and needs for panning, tilting and auto-focus. Without specific expertise, video quality can be compromised and technology investments wasted.

Given that professional AV engineers must remain mindful of a customer’s goals and budget, room designs are a complex puzzle solving for variables that affect the communication experience. Whether you are starting new or retrofitting a room system, Solutionz has the expertise to consult, design, install and service your interactive technologies. Contact us for the first step in creating collaborative spaces designed for clear communication. Our business is to make your business better!


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