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Seneca East

Seneca East partnered with Solutionz Inc to build out their Distance Learning program
The Client

About Seneca East Schools

Seneca East partnered with Solutionz Inc to build out their Distance Learning program with Poly video conferencing systems and
View Sonic interactive displays. Working with Solutionz Grants Program Services helped fund the project with a grant award over $700,000!

The Challenge
Seneca East School System, located in rural northern Ohio, faced the same challenges as most schools in early 2020, implementing a
distance learning program with limited resources. The pandemic found Seneca with out dated 12-year-old equipment and the need to increase the quality of connection to students and other providers of distance learning.
Seneca East Smart Display
School Video Camera Display
Seneca Distance Learning
The Results

In addition to providing students online access to education during the COVID school closures, the new Poly video conferencing equipment has expanded access to different kinds of in-person educational opportunities. Embracing the wave of the future in distance learning, high school students in the class room connect with community colleges. Elementary students participate in a Spanish program. As part of the remote learning experience, Poly video conferencing systems allow teachers to simultaneously see and hear each student. Poly systems are enabled to work with Google meets, Teams or Zoom, and bring clarity and quality regardless of platform. Watch the video on our YouTube channel to learn more!

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