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Becoming One Solutionz...

Posted by Bill Warnick on Sep 30, 2018 9:58:17 PM

A message from Solutionz' Chief Executive Officer, Bill Warnick

When each of the companies within the Solutionz family (Solutionz Conferencing, RTS Solutionz and Summit Solutionz) started, they shared a common vision; to be the very best in the industry and that vision is as focused now as it was back then. At the beginning of 2018, we decided that we could not accomplish this vision as separate entities that are not capitalizing on the strengths of operational unity. That is why we made the choice to restructure our organization and go to market as one unified Solutionz team. Making the choice was the easy part and we knew it. So, we have spent the past nine months ensuring that our vision would benefit our most important partners, our customers. Because our vision means nothing without a plan and execution that is centered around achieving the very best in customer service. I am so excited to announce that as of October 1st, 2018, we will officially go to market in all locations as Solutionz, Inc.; the 8th largest AV integrator in the US!

What does this mean to you? Great question! It means that we have established operational efficiencies allowing us to meet your needs better, faster and at a better price in most cases. It means we are applying universal standards to how we address our PrimeCall maintenance customers and ensuring that your experience with us results in the best possible outcome. Simply put, we want you to be a partner for life.

We are not stopping here. We want to be #1… In the hearts of customers. In the eyes of our partners. And in this industry. Solutionz will continue to grow, and I am proud to welcome The Presentation Source and Quintron to our family. They have been leaders for many years in their markets and I have no doubt they will make a positive impact short-term and a lasting impact long into our future. Expect more announcements in our quest to be #1.

Thank you for your interest and belief in Solutionz. We are honored to be your partner and look forward to working with you now and in the years to come.



Bill Warnick
Chief Executive Officer | Solutionz, Inc.



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