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Firm Haskell

Firm Haskell has offices across the United States, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region. 
The Client

About Firm Haskell

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firm Haskell has offices across the United States, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region. Though separated by miles and oceans, these technical teams work together using videoconferencing and collaboration tools to bring clients’ complex projects to completion. Keeping so many stakeholders connected requires the right mix of technologies including high-definition audio and video working with a custom control system. 

Haskell Solutionz Case Study


The Challenge

When showcasing architectural renderings and models via a virtual presence to a client halfway around the world, Haskell’s Atlanta office cannot afford second best. Multi-million-dollar projects depend on the quality of presentations from Haskell’s conference rooms. Haskell’s teams of engineers, architects, and construction specialists need reliable, easily operable video and audio on a scale not typical of traditional office spaces. Their conference room is 37-foot square, 1,369 square feet, and can accommodate 50 participants. 

Doug Wear, Project Management Professional (PMP) and Haskell’s Senior Engineering Manager knew the importance of choosing the right vendor with the expertise for this vital technology. The audiovisual installation had to be flawless, had to provide a wow factor, and had to be ready on time. 

Haskell first tried an inexpensive, industry-standard solution to provide adequate imagery for meetings. Faced with two interior walls and two exterior all-glass walls, Haskell’s in-house engineers tried to coax brilliant, clear pictures from projectors so they could provide very large images. This $40,000 solution was simply not up to Haskell’s high standards. With additional funds and a mammoth room to fill, Haskell went back to the drawing board and rethought the project. They solicited bids from local companies known for their strengths in audiovisual work and then decided to partner with Solutionz Inc.

Haskell Testimonial Summary
The Approach

Solutionz Inc. won the contract not only because of its price but because of its reputation for superior designs. Solutionz specialists went on to demonstrate to Haskell that the reputation is well deserved by delivering world-class integration and superior customer service.

The Solution


LED 135"

The solution designed for Haskell included a 1.5mm
pixel pitch Direct View LED 137” diagonal display with
1080p resolution. In addition to the desired wow factor, this display gives Haskell the power of video conferencing through MS Teams or other soft CODEC applications (Zoom, Webex, etc.).

Video Camera and Loudspeaker

Haskell now uses two video cameras, microphones,
and overhead loudspeakers in their large conference room. Two pan-tilt-zoom
(PTZ) cameras support views of the presenter and the
audience. The presenter’s camera is located at the
side of the conference room and points towards the
presenter. The audience camera is located at the
front of the room, providing a full view of the room, a
headshot of participants or focus on the whiteboard.

Microphones Biamp

Four beam tracking microphones capture all seating
assignments in the room as well as the presenter.
These microphones are auto-mixed and use Biamp’s
digital signal processing technology for optimal
acoustics. The far-end audio, as well as any audio from
the selected video source, are reinforced throughout
the room with mixers, amplifiers, and six, 6.5” ceiling speakers.

HDMI Connectivity

The designed solution supports multiple computers
as inputs to the system. The system is flexible
enough to accept a dedicated computer mounted in the
equipment rack at the conference room’s front as well
as laptop computers connected either wirelessly or through HDMI cables.

PTZ Camera Control

All that hardware installed by Solutionz Inc. is supported
by a centralized, easy-to-use, intuitive touch
screen control system. This system uses a 10”
touch panel controller allowing on/off functionality of
the system, source selection, multi-image configuration, volume control, and PTZ camera control. The system can also be programmed to automatically shut down after a predefined period of inactivity.

Screen Monitor

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