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Edwards Lifesciences

A Leading Global Medical Technology Firm Innovates Their Employee Experience with State-of-the-Art AV 
The Client

About Edwards

Edwards Lifesciences is a global leader of patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease and critical care monitoring. Driven by a passion to help patients, the company collaborates with the world’s leading clinicians and researchers to address unmet healthcare needs, working to improve patient outcomes and enhance lives.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Edwards depends on a seamless connection among their colleagues, partners, and customers, on-site and remotely. Their audiovisual systems significantly impact productivity and company culture, providing both access and support for all employees.

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The Approach

Dave Novak, Chief Technologist and Account Manager, alongside his team, was tasked with designing a creative AV system with standardized technology that any employee, regardless of their AV experience, can operate with ease. 

Armando Cueto, Audiovisual Sr. Manager of IT at Edwards Lifesciences, said, “Our vision was to have ultra-wide video walls displaying sceneries that make you feel like you’re running in a forest, in a street, or touring France. Employees should know how to change things like sound, displays, and controls without complications.”

The Spinitar team turned to their manufacturing partner, Nanolumens, for large, high-resolution displays that allow users to separate images or showcase one large stitch image. This included two curved video walls that are 36’ wide and one curved video wall that is 24’ wide, designed to match the radius of the wall. With Christie’s Pandoras Box video processor, users can upload video content on their visual signage. Additionally, the system includes a powerful background music system with QSC equipment, enhancing the audio throughout the facility.

Curved Display
Curved Wall and Screen
Edwards Case Study Wide Screen
Edwards Case Study
Aesthetic Monitor
Video Wall Screen High Res
The Solution

The team at Edwards wanted a solution that was easy to use, innovative, and reliable for daily operation. In an effort to accomplish their goals, Spinitar's team of AV experts designed and installed a system based on the following requirements:

  • FUNCTIONALITY – Based on the daily operations at Edwards Lifesciences, it was essential for the team to design an AV system that includes user-friendly technology for their employees to connect and collaborate.
  • AESTHETICS - The large, curved monitor and background audio system provided a wow factor in the gym, promoting innovation and encouraging employees to use the community center’s resources.
  • PROJECT SCOPE  – As a preferred partner in enterprise AV solutions, Spinitar, a Solutionz, Inc. company, met the needs of Edwards and provided them with the latest technology throughout the design and installation process.


Conference Room Modern
Cameras Video Conference
Conference Room Edwards Case Study
System setup AV
Audiovisual Project
The Results

As a result of installing state-of-the-art AV technology in the employee community center, patrons at Edwards Lifesciences get to experience simplified communication and collaboration at its finest. The refreshed technology empowers people to collaborate on-site and globally with their partners and peers regardless of their location. 

Empowering employees to harness creativity and expertise, Edwards Lifesciences invested in state-of-the-art tools to help individuals and teams thrive. As a result, employees are now offered one-of-a-kind experiences that result in best practices for good health, wellness, and innovation.

“In the end, it’s about value. We don’t look for the least expensive. We don’t look for the most expensive. We look for the best value”. Said Tom Porter, Sr. Vice President of Corporate Service, Edwards Lifesciences.


"We're happy with the results -- When I see people bring their kids or their parents into the gym, that tells me that they're proud of it. Them being proud of it says a lot about how we hit our goal. People know that we are looking after them and we did the job right."

- Tom Porter, Sr. Vice President of Corporate Service, Edwards Lifesciences.

Despite inevitable supply chain challenges, Spinitar managed to be flexible and execute alternative solutions to ensure that Edwards’ AV system remains up and running for important meetings and daily activities.

"My team always knocks it out of the park. They get everything done on task and schedule. So many hours went into pre-production, but seeing it all come to life was a matter of their collaboration, teamwork, and working around the clock to make this project a reality." Said Dave Novak, Chief Technologist.


As a preferred AV partner, Spinitar, a Solutionz, Inc. company, will continue to provide Edwards Lifesciences with the latest technology designed to support their employees as they innovate to help people live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

Tom continues, “If you bring people together, you help people get to know each other. When they finally get to know each other, they get to trust each other. When people trust each other, they’re willing to take risks. When you take risks, that’s where innovation evolves! The community center creates opportunities and options for employees- things that they use and need to work.”

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