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Comcast creates incredible technology and entertainment that connects millions of people to the moments and experiences
The Client

About Comcast

Media and technology giant Comcast defines its mission clearly: Comcast creates incredible technology and entertainment that connects millions of people to the moments and experiences that matter most.

Between Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal, the two branches of Comcast are strong in filmed entertainment, broadcast television, cable communications, theme parks, cable networks and sports. A recent analysis of Comcast’s market capitalization put the company at
$185.18 billion. 

The Challenge
With four rooms configurable in different formats, support also had to be user- friendly, to minimize calls to Comcast’s IT and AV departments and to keep pace with the number of daily meetings. The pace of broadcast television, film, and entertainment meant the rooms would see multiple meetings, video conferences, interviews, and vendor presentations five days a week.

Solutionz selected simple, intuitive, and robust equipment to fulfill Comcast’s needs. Solutionz answered the requirements with a masterly combination of equipment, installation, programming, and product integration.

From Comcast employees’ perspective, touch screens and wireless microphones provide simplicity and speed. From Solutionz’ perspective, that beautiful, sleek simplicity belies a well-designed system incorporating every audio and visual support:
  • Projectors
  • Video conferencing
  • Wireless microphones
  • Handheld microphones
  • Ceiling microphones
  • Ceiling speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Digital signal processors
  • Signal switching solutions
  • Touch-panel room controls
Video Wall
Comcast Case Study Display
Solutionz and Comcast Video Display
Conference Room
The Result

See The Pitch

Four new, ceiling-mounted 6000 lumen laser projectors provide primary content display. Videoconferencing is available for each room, as well. Content routed through the projectors in each room comes through Solutionz’ integrated system from several input sources:

  • Client and guest laptops connected to HDMI wall plates.
  • Cisco SX80 codecs
  • Xfinity set top boxes

Game Day Audio

Comcast’s executives and presenters can make themselves heard, bringing their best game to every meeting, through Solutionz’ audio solutions:

Two wireless combination systems (handheld and lavalier microphones)
Six ceiling microphones (beam array microphones providing outbound audio for videoconferences)
24 Ceiling speakers
A single-point audio DSP

To improve simplicity and ease of use, each of the wireless microphone systems can only operate one microphone at a time, preventing feedback and cross-chatter. Pre-sets for the ceiling microphones are programmed into touch panels in Rooms A and D, to provide for complete flexibility across all room configurations.

Video Conferencing

Comcast stepped up to the plate hiring Solutionz to provide integration and programming for Cisco SX80 video conferencing solutions with dual speaker track cameras, a P60 camera, and a Cisco Touch 10 control screen

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