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How Video Conferencing Solutions Make Remote Work Easier

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Aug 7, 2020 9:56:17 AM

According to a recent study of 3,500 remote workers conducted by Buffer, 98% of people who are currently working from home would prefer to work that way for the rest of their careers. It couldn’t be more clear that people want remote work options. That should be reason enough for your company to implement a permanent video conferencing solution.  But if you need some added incentive, let’s look at the ways video conferencing will improve your business.

Cutting Costs

An accessible and convenient video conferencing solution like StarLeaf Cloud allows you to connect to any hardware endpoint, which means you can meet with anyone at any time, no matter where they are. When your clients and partners are just a click or two away, there’s no need to divert funds to costly business trips. A video conferencing solution eliminates the need for hotel rooms and meal reimbursements and extra leg room on a transatlantic flight. According to a recent report, most companies justify their video conferencing investment in less than three months, and cuts to the travel budget account for a big chunk of recovered expenses.

Increasing Speed and Agility

The modern marketplace demands rapid responses from even the most massive and dispersed organizations. Video collaboration and content sharing tools enable teams to tackle tasks as they arise. For larger companies, getting all hands on deck used to involve unavoidable delays due to travel and document delivery. Now, with video conferencing and collaboration tools, everyone is already where they need to be, with all of the information they need to make informed decisions.

Recruiting And Training

Video meetings make it super easy to expand and improve your recruitment efforts. Instead of limiting your search to your immediate area or bankrolling travel for your top choices, you can get up close and personal with tons of talented folks from all over, and you won’t have to break the bank to do it. Once you’ve made your selections, you can use your video tools to expedite onboarding and training.

Shrinking Your Footprint

We’ve written a lot here about how video collaboration solutions can make your business stronger and more profitable. Which is important! But companies are also global citizens, and we should all be making an effort to keep our little corner of the universe healthy and hospitable. When companies cut down on travel, they reduce their carbon footprint considerably. All those business trips and long commutes add up, and eliminating them with video meetings is no small thing.

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