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Video Conferencing & Telepresence Solutions

Posted by Chessie Skates on Nov 16, 2010 1:29:00 PM

The Right Choice For Any Industry

Solutionz offers video conferencing and telepresence solutions to help your company achieve its fullest potential in today’s economy.  Regardless of which industry you are in there is a video solution right for you—Read how some of the following industries are already achieving new heights by incorporating video into their daily operations.  


  • Make key decisions on design and product development
  • Perform inspections on quality control across many different locations
  • Receive machine repair remotely from the experts
  • Incorporate overseas branches into the company culture
  • Give customers the opportunity to partake in focus groups
  • Take advantage of ongoing training with staff


  • With video conferencing solutions, always collaborate face-to-face at the moment you need to—Determine daily strategies, enjoy confusion-free decision making, and share market conditions and news.
  • Give customers even in remote branches the same expert financial services as local branches
  • Conduct job interviews with candidates who are located anywhere around the world
  • Offer consulting and training opportunities

Public Sector:

  • Coordinate action with local, state, and national agencies
  • High-level security briefings can be conducted anytime
  • Take advantage of training opportunities that are cost-efficient
  • Promote telework/telecommuting initiatives

Public Safety:

  • Disaster recovery can be initiated faster and easier
  • Establish command posts anywhere in the field
  • Deliver information faster to a larger audience

Health Care

  • Provide diagnostics remotely from urban to rural centers
  • Bring medical professionals together for consultations and mentoring
  • Offer medical staff and patients translation services
  • Provide ongoing medical education programs


  • Collaborate with educational institutions around the world
  • Provide students in remote and rural areas with the classes they need
  • Offer continuing training and education for staff and instructors
  • Allow multiple campuses to come together for administrative meetings

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