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Posted by Chessie Skates on Oct 1, 2010 11:07:00 AM


Don’t let the following myths deter you from finding out which video conferencing solution is right for your organization!

Myth #1: I don’t have enough bandwidth for video conferencing.

Multiple bandwidths can be used when placing a video call, depending on your environment.  Polycom video conferencing systems that feature high resolution, exceptional audio, video and content quality are all available at surprisingly low bandwidths, especially when you are communicating via the internet.

Myth #2: Video conferencing is for meetings in the boardroom only – it’s so much more than I need.

Take a look around you every day people are communicating with video technology (high definition broadcast television, YouTube, iPods) and it is transforming the way we live, work, and learn.  Video conferencing is definitely not an exception as it offers live interaction over video and even across a PC, lecture hall, conference room, and almost any other environment you can think of.  Video conferencing systems in today’s market meet any space requirement, application, or budget that you are working with.

Myth #3: My current systems are not able to connect with systems from other vendors.

Although this can be true it all depends on whether other vendors adhere to the established standards.  When it comes to the standard-based video conferencing high definition systems, they can easily interoperate with each other, and even support traditional video conferencing standards-based systems.  To be smart, buyers should shop for solutions that use standards-based technology: H.264 video, AES encryption, content sharing with H.239, etc.

Myth #4: I can’t afford video conferencing.

The quality of video conferencing continues to increase and as it does, the installation and initial purchase cost continues to decrease.  Most organizations have a very easy time justifying the cost of systems when a complete return on investment (ROI) occurs within only 6 to 24 months or when video conferencing equipment pays for itself after only one long training or business trip is replaced.

In today’s economy you can’t afford to miss the benefits that video conferencing offers.  Consider first the cost of traveling, not just getting to and from, but also the opportunity and productivity lost when employees spend time in the air and away from the office, friends, and family.  Video conferencing enables important meeting to take place now, along with effective collaboration, and brings together teams that are dispersed geographically. 

Myth #5: Video conferencing does not allow for me to include suppliers and customers in my video call, I can only utilize it within my own organization.

Video conferencing happening today enables real-time video collaborations across almost any environment; anywhere from your home office to a coffee shop with Wi-Fi to the board room, enabling partners and customers to be included into your video environment affordably, easily, and securely.  With the right Polycom video conferencing solution content sharing is easy - even participants who join using traditional audio can enjoy sharing spreadsheets, presentations, and other important content.

Quit dragging your feet because of these myths!  You don’t have to spend another day missing out on the incredible benefits of video conferencing - contact your local Solutionz sales representative today.

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