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Video Conferencing Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Nov 22, 2018 10:54:00 AM

In August of this year, Polycom commissioned Forrester Consulting to poll companies of various sizes for a snapshot of the current state of video conferencing applications and endpoints. Polycom wanted to get a sense for how organizations are using video conferencing solutions and whether or not they are getting the most out of their video technology.

Not surprisingly, Forrester found that video conferencing numbers continue to grow. Half of all companies make more than 2,000 video calls every month, while 42% of larger companies (2,500 or more employees) make more than 5,000 video calls each month. Face-to-face conversations via video engender faster and more effective collaboration, and according to the study, teams using video decrease time-to-market and tend to beat the competition.

But there is one drawback to this rapid growth. It’s an easily solvable one, but it nags nevertheless. The Forrester study found that the vast majority of organizations are using a potentially confusing mix of in-room endpoints and cloud-based solutions, with a mix of multiple vendors representing both. While it’s a good sign that companies are looking to maximize video potential by making sure every base is covered, the plethora of heterogeneous devices and applications can lead to costly delays. For the companies in the study that made more than 10,000 video calls every month, we’re talking about $2 million lost every year due to video conference confusion.

So what’s the solution? Forrester’s study concludes with a pretty straightforward answer: users need a video conferencing and collaboration solution that offers both consistency and flexibility. Every user, no matter their device or endpoint, should be able to connect to a video conference and enjoy the same intuitive user experience as everyone else on the call.

Unified systems are the future. The study found that 32% of companies are in the process of implementing such a solution, with another 28% planning to do so in the near future. With a solution like Prime Call Cloud UC, there’s no reason you can’t join this vanguard. Prime Call Cloud UC allows users to connect to any video endpoint with total interoperability, and anyone on any device can can join a scheduled meeting or ad hoc call.

Flexibility? Check. Consistency? Absolutely.

Find out more about Prime Call Cloud UC and contact us if you have any questions about pricing or implementation. In fact, why don’t you try it out for free and see how it suits you. If there is something else you’re looking for, use our Advanced Search tool to find it.



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