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Video Conferencing within the Workplace

Posted by Chessie Skates on Oct 22, 2013 7:06:00 AM

As video conferencing access increases to virtually every employee with a laptop or mobile device, users in various business roles within organizations use video to defy distance in slightly differing ways. Polycom broke down some of the major positions and found several reasons why there is such a huge demand for video conferencing within the work place.


Marketing departments use video collaboration the most often, with 64 percent using video at least weekly in an organization. Polycom voice, video and content-sharing solutions allow for quick and highly productive check-ins between key stakeholders, ensuring important responsibilities don’t fall through the cracks.

Engineering & IT

The IT and engineering chain functions are most likely to use video collaboration for international meetings, 61 and 58 percent of respondents, saying they use or would use video to collaborate face to face with colleagues internationally. Video allows engineers to collaborate with development teams around the world, sharing new ideas and detailed proposals in real time. With growing IT demands easy to use video can reduce travel time and costs.

Customer Service

On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase and 81 percent are more likely to give a company repeated business after good service. Putting a human face on your company and on your brand will lead to stronger commitments and better customer relationships.


The HR department is a dominate user with 32 percent indicating they use video conferencing daily.  Video makes exploring for new talent easier. Finding, interviewing and training great candidates can be done from anywhere and be cost effective. Plus, Employees with the flexibility to work outside the office are more content and more productive. They also spend less time commuting which means more time on the job.


Flexible working and inter-office meetings are a CEO’s top reasons to use audio and visual integration . International, new business and company meetings also play a major roll in connecting an organization. Video collaboration also allows CEOs to foster an internal culture of value, integrity and customer service, all across the globe. By 2015, 1 in 4 meetings will have a video conferencing component.


Face-to-face video conferencing increases productivity and eliminates travel expenses while shrinking the carbon footprint of your organization, therefore, saving the environment and your money. Fully engaging partners no matter where they are located, is now easier today, than it has ever been with the latest collaboration technologies.


Troubleshooting is significantly more efficient, and remote experts can always be called in, from anywhere, for timely problem solutions.


Video Conferencing enable you and your sales team to expand into markets with face-to-face communication, even when there’s no physical organization there. You can also improve sales calls by including sales and product experts from anywhere in the world whenever you need them.

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