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Video Conferencing & Telepresence Is Endless

Posted by Chessie Skates on Oct 14, 2010 1:31:00 PM

3 Steps to Start Understanding How

1.  Video Conferencing & Telepresence:  Second Best Only To Being There.
  • Surprisingly 55% of all communication is decided through nonverbal clues—for example, body language or the tone of someone’s voice.  You can only imagine how much communication is lost or misunderstood when texting, e-mailing, or partaking in a teleconference.  Video conferencing enables person-to-person communication which is much more personal, achieves higher levels of trust, and actually holds people accountable for how they act.
  • Whether continents or just miles apart video conferencing brings employees together for real-time collaboration.  Organizations will easily cut travel costs by at least 30% or more.  Travel savings is only one of many benefits that video solutions offer, including: increased productivity, balancing work and life, and environmental responsibility.  Also enjoy the ability to remotely interview job candidates, manufacturing floors receiving immediate feedback from their suppliers, and the ability to playback CEO messages, training sessions, and more.
2.  Video Conferencing & Telepresence: Transforming the Way Everyone Communicates
  • Decisions can me made faster—Did you know that approximately $297 billion every year is wasted on inefficient communication in the US alone?  Video solutions bring all parties together to discuss what needs to be done so people can get to work right away.
  • Experts can be consulted immediately—Video allows experts to be contacted anytime, anywhere, and by anyone (especially with video archiving solutions).
  • Everyone in the organization is brought together—Employees across states and continents can meet in the virtual meeting room.
  • Work/life balance is improved—Working from home can become a reality, instead of wasting time in traffic or in the airport.
3.  Figuring Your ROI (Return on Investment)                   

Video conferencing and telepresence technology is changing and growing rapidly.  What wasn’t available last year is now available and more.  It is important to investigate which video solution will give you exactly what you need.  You can start to determine this by seeing how each department in your organization could benefit through video.

  • Executives—Hold frequent management meetings, conduct person-to-person board meetings, key decision makers can be consulted anytime, CEO briefings can be streamed via live or through recorded sessions, trade shows and seminars can be attended without traveling, and more.
  • Sales & Marketing—Build stronger client relationships by meeting face-to-face, connect customers with expertise from both branch and home offices, connect headquarters with remote sales people, meet the needs of more clients by reducing time spent traveling, and more.
  • Human Resources—Faraway candidates can be interviewed easily, provide ongoing training, keep company culture following a merger, sustain and enhance telework programs, and more.
  • Research & Development as well as Product Development—Show product drawings or documents immediately, lessen the confusion across locations and culture, facilitate a place where instant collaboration is always available between every location, enjoy immediate feedback from customers and suppliers, see products go to market much more quickly, and more.

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