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Video Conferencing Now a Need for Enterprises

Posted by Chessie Skates on Feb 18, 2011 1:57:00 PM

New advantages are being discovered everyday through the deployment of Polycom video conferencing solutions in enterprises around the world.   Let us start by considering a few…

Reduce Spending on Employee Overhead

Hardly one day can pass without an influential business journal or news source publishing an article on the expanding corporate adoption and acceptance of remote work agreements. 

  • Companies can reduce cost structure immediately, and over time when fewer contractors and employees need to arrive to the same work location. 
  • “Hard office” space diminishes meaning measurable deductions can be made reducing the dedicated space companies once required.
  • As the number of employees decrease at fixed office locations savingings increase on energy bills and employee-dependent loadings (parking spaces, food services, security, and office furniture).

Reduce Travel Needs

The use of video conferencing to minimize business travel is often the easiest-to-measure upon the impact on businesses.

  • By eliminating just 2 international flights/month for 3 employees a telepresence system pays for itself during the course of a year.
  • Eliminating the need for excessive travel improves life-work balance for employees which mean better performance on the job with fewer fatigued personnel.

Going Green with Video Conferencing

A corporate brand that is earth-friendly is more important than ever, both in terms of marketplace perception and visible contributions towards energy policy and a sustainable environment.

  • Carbon emissions lessen with every avoided business trip and meeting taken via a Polycom Telepresence Solution
  • As employee commuting decreases so do carbon emissions.

Video Conferencing and Training

Using video conferencing technology to shift all or some training into the distance learning model highlights another primary area for enterprises success.

  • Imagine training every new employee without having to bring them to the corporate office.  
  • New employees along with instructors can fully participate face-to-face regardless of location.

This is just the beginning; learn more today by contacting your local Solutionz sales representative!  

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