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You might think of video conference call recording as a bonus feature you’ll never use, but there are plenty of ways to employ this collaboration technology in your everyday practice. Recording a video conference requires no more work than clicking a single button, but the impact that single click could make should not be underestimated.

Stay On Track

When working on a larger project with a large team sometimes the core of the project seems to get lost in the details. You would expect the opposite to be true, but eventually everyone will soon realize the thesis of your project has been missed and wonder why they started it in the first place. Keeping a living document in the form of recorded conferences can give everyone a reference point when things get foggy. Just cue up that original collaboration session and use your past selves to show you the way.

Keep Everyone In The Loop

Unless you defy the odds and somehow manage to get every team member to every single meeting , there will be times when people fall behind and need to catch up on current events. Taking detailed minutes is one way to get the latest scoop to absent colleagues, but why burden someone with that spirit-killing note-taking task when you can simply record the meeting and send it to whoever needs it?

Training Opportunities

Video call recording isn’t only applicable to internal communications. If you are training employees in the fine art of customer and client interaction, you can use recordings of past external communications to demonstrate what to do (and what not to do) on such calls. It’s one thing to tell a new hire how your company functions. But showing them “real life” examples will drive the point home with much more force.

Accountability And Consistency

Recording calls between employees and clients can be a great way to maintain accountability on both sides of the exchange: letting a customer know a call is being recorded gives them a sense that the company cares about how they (the customer) are being treated, while the employee in the equation will have recorded proof of an interaction if the customer gets hostile or otherwise unmanageable.

Beyond Conferencing

Recording capabilities extend beyond the confines of the conference call. With recording and streaming solutions like those provided by Cisco and Polycom, the possibilities are virtually endless. Recorded trainings can bring new employees into the fold before they even set foot in the building. Brief video announcements can amplify the message in an otherwise static email newsletter. Websites can blossom into multimedia displays. Think beyond the conference and figure out how to document the things that make your company unique.

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