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Poly Unveils New USB And Bluetooth Speakerphones

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Nov 9, 2020 11:52:52 AM

Poly used the occasion of Zoom's all-virtual Zoomtopia 2020 to unveil the Poly Sync Family, a brand new line of smart speakerphones that leverage proprietary microphone technology to more effectively track the talker instead of the noise.

"The Poly Sync Family is a new generation of smart speakerphones that are perfect for working or listening to music from anywhere," said Christine Roberts, senior vice president and general manager of professional headsets and speakerphones for Poly. "The Poly Sync Family redefines speakerphones going forward. This isn't just another speaker puck--this speakerphone line is sleek, sophisticated and smart."

Available in three different configurations (Poly Sync 20, Poly Sync 40 and Poly Sync 60), Poly’s latest line of speakerphones feature USB and Bluetooth connectivity, seamless voice integration, as well as Siri and Google voice assistant integration. With intelligent microphones that can pick up voices throughout the room as well as top notch speaker performance, the Poly Sync Family does double duty: when you’re not putting it to work as a powerful conferencing tool, you can count on it to deliver a rich audio experience for more casual music (or podcast or audiobook) listening.

With twenty hours of battery life, the Poly Sync Familiy is ideal for workers on the move who need reliably crisp and clear audio wherever they go. What’s more, all models in the Poly Sync Family can charge smartphones via USB, so if you have to take a video call while you’re on the move, you’ll be sure to have enough battery power to see you through.

The Poly Sync 20, which will be available worldwide beginning in November, is one of the first solutions to receive Zoom’s personal USB speakerphone certification.

"We are pleased to recognize Poly Sync 20 as one of the first speakerphone devices to receive Zoom's Personal USB Speakerphone certification," said Oded Gal, Zoom’s Chief Product Officer. "Poly continues to trailblaze with its portfolio of Zoom certified devices and we know that the addition of Poly Sync 20 will provide outstanding value for today's evolving workforce."

Poly Sync 40 will be available in January 2021, while Poly Sync 60 will be available in early 2021.

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