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How Telepresence Solutions Meet Manufacturing Industries Needs

Posted by Chessie Skates on Jan 27, 2011 6:19:00 AM

Solutionz offers immersive telepresence solutions for manufacturing industries that improve remote management and operational efficiencies. 

To better meet the challenges of improving operational efficiencies and managing disperse teams in remote and offshore locations; manufacturing industries should quickly consider the benefits that only video conferencing solutions can offer.

Some Key Benefits to Consider:

  • Visual Communications provide a way for manufacturers to innovate and collaborate over far distances, coordinate activities more quickly among every time zone, and overcome cultural differences. 
  • Face-to-face visual communication cultivates team cooperation, trust, and enables more information to be shared in less time.  Teams can be dispersed across the country and even the world but can still perceive problems and solve them as if they were discussing the issue under the same roof.

The process of a visually empowered supply management can:

  • Link key individuals quickly into the process of resolving problems and go through the Problem Identification—Root Cause Discovery—Collaboration on Solutions cycle; paving the way to Resolution Implementation on a global scale.
  • Bring customers to their supplier’s; cultivating the kind of atmosphere where intimate information can be shared and understood, just as if the two operations were sitting next to one another.
  • During the process of new product development accelerate collaboration with your most important suppliers at a low cost with little time delay.
  • Enable your office of international procurement to accomplish many functions at a lower cost and more often.  Utilizing a video conferencing network can allow you to perform periodic audits, alternating between video conferencing and in-person audits.

By managing global operations more efficiently manufacturing companies will be in the perfect position to utilize a worldwide supplier and resource base.  Contact your local Solutionz sales representative to find out more today! 

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