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StarLeaf Bolsters U.S. Presence With New York, Chicago Offices

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Apr 9, 2019 1:40:38 PM

StarLeaf, which powers Prime Call Cloud UC and provides meeting room solutions to organizations around the world, has announced the opening of new offices in Chicago and New York City. With the addition of these two U.S. locations, StarLeaf now has fifteen Points of Presence around the world. These localized data centers offer StarLeaf customers an unparalleled level of security and reliability.

“Cloud-based solutions enable organizations to achieve greater agility and scalability with their collaboration aspirations,” said StarLeaf Systems Engineer Michael Landry. “That’s what makes StarLeaf different. Our integrated cloud architectural design ensures that customers’ data in the US can be isolated to nominated locations, thereby retaining and storing data within the jurisdiction, which is a big advantage for our US customers.”

In addition to the new offices in New York and Chicago, StarLeaf also has Points of Presence in Paris, London, Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai and Auckland, among other major cities. The StarLeaf cloud doesn’t rely on third-party systems, and it is duplicated at every Point of Presence, so in the rare case of failure at any one data center, connections are automatically redirected to an alternative PoP.

Reliability is just the beginning. With a StarLeaf-powered solution like Prime Call Cloud UC, users can register and connect to any standards-based endpoints (Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, et al.). StarLeaf also offers a wide array of APIs that give companies the freedom to integrate StarLeaf in ways that adapt to unique workflows, instead of the other way around. A collaboration solution should make your life easier. And that’s what StarLeaf does.

“StarLeaf’s cloud-based solutions are transforming the meeting room experience for our enterprise customers, which allows their users to securely meet and share in an instant,” said StarLeaf CEO Mark Loney.

In other StarLeaf news, the cloud conferencing innovators recently unveiled StarLeaf Pronto, a meeting room solution that plugs directly into Windows and Mac laptops, thereby allowing users to share content and sync calendars instantly.

“Our commitment to transforming the way enterprises converse, connect, and communicate means that employees are empowered to collaborate more effectively and remain securely at the forefront of working practices,” said StarLeaf VP of Product Management, Kevin Bernitz. “With StarLeaf Pronto, users can intuitively meet, connect, and share in an instant.”

Learn more about StarLeaf and contact us if you have any questions. We will have one of our experts get back to you as soon as possible. If you’re looking for anything else, please use our Advanced Search tool to find it.

If you’d like to see StarLeaf in action, sign up for a free trial of Prime Call Cloud UC, the StarLeaf-powered cloud conferencing solution that connects to any hardware endpoint.



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