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Report Reveals Increased Use Of Video Collaboration

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Jun 5, 2020 8:44:13 AM

It should go without saying that more people are using video collaboration and conferencing solutions in 2020 than in any year previous. Even before COVID-19 reconfigured pretty much everything, remote work was trending steadily upward. We would have seen growth regardless. But with lockdown restrictions in effect, video conferencing and collaboration solutions have become the bedrock of global commerce and communication. A new report issued by StarLeaf early this month reveals just how much the landscape of work has shifted.

According to the StarLeaf Trends Report, which covers January through April of this year, new user creation across StarLeaf grew almost 250 percent, while national calls across the US increased almost 300 percent. Boston and Houston led the way, with daily increases of 3,000 percent and 750 percent, respectively.

As the pandemic worsened and more and more cities and states issued lock down orders, StarLeaf added capacity to its data centers across the US to accommodate the sudden surge in demand and usage.

“Video conferencing has played an integral role in the move to remote working, providing business continuity and helping people to work with colleagues and customers wherever they are, and this is supported by the significant growth of video meetings we’ve seen across the US,” says StarLeaf CEO Mark Richer. “We predict that when lock down restrictions begin to ease and US businesses start looking to the future, video for collaboration will remain a core and vital part of an organization’s way of working.”

StarLeaf, a global company with offices around the world and representation on every continent, saw similar growth in the European market. National calls across Germany increased by an astounding 1,300 percent, while call minutes increased by 1,336 in Italy.

As we reported last month, StarLeaf has made its online video meeting and messaging solution available at no cost. Anyone with an internet connection and email address can get started within seconds.

“These are testing times, during which StarLeaf is in a position to help,” said Richer. “StarLeaf will support our customers by ensuring that they can continue to operate as near to normal as possible.”

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