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Increase Efficiency And Productivity (And Happiness) With Small Teams

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Nov 3, 2018 11:27:00 AM

We’ve written quite a bit about the transformative power of huddle rooms, but we haven’t spent nearly as much time talking about how the small teams using such rooms can be drivers of efficiency and productivity. The rise of the huddle room didn’t happen in a vacuum. The space of the workplace has been redefined because the nature of teamwork has changed. Small teams are the future. They are the now. Let’s look at why.

Dividing The Pie

The larger the project, the greater the risk that you and your team will get lost in a morass of overwhelming detail. Tackling a huge problem as a singular unit might seem like a good way to streamline a process and keep everyone on the same page, but as the scale of a project increases, so to does the potential for getting lost. By breaking down a large project into more manageable pieces that can then be tackled by small teams, you establish a set of clear goals that, once reached, will add up to a large-scale solution. And if a smaller team gets lost on the way, it will be much easier for them to find the thread.

Accelerating Communication

Getting a large group together to brainstorm or refine an idea can be a scheduling headache, even with video conferencing and collaboration solutions. You might spend as much time scheduling meetings as you do actually attending them. However, a smaller team with access to mobile solutions should have no problem getting together for a quick video conference complete with whiteboard and annotation features that turn a far-flung team into a cohesive unit.

Establishing Accountability

It is far too easy for employees to hide in a large team, to hover at the periphery and remain just engaged enough to pass for a productive participant. If you haven’t encountered one of these people in the workplace, count yourself lucky. In a small group, such shirking of work is nearly impossible. There’s nowhere to head, so everyone is held accountable for the work they do (and don’t do).

Empowering Employees

As inviting and encouraging as your company culture might be, it is easy for employees in a large organization to feel like just another cog in a machine. This kind of disempowerment can be repeated and reinforced on larger teams: some people might feel like their ideas aren’t being heard, or like they have no say in the project’s various stages. On a small team, however, each employee can shine, with their various strengths and specialties having a far more noticeable impact. Each team member will feel like they matter. And that’s exactly what you want your employees to feel when they come to work in the morning.

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