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The Polycom Video Trade-In Program

Posted by Kristin McClune on Sep 8, 2010 8:18:00 AM

Now is the time to upgrade to a new Polycom HDX with Polycom's new Video Trade-In Program. For a limited time you can trade in existing Polycom or competitive video conferencing equipment and receive a rebate up to $2,475 when you purchase a new qualifying Polycom HDX system.

Polycom HDX Room Telepresence systems ensure the most efficient and clearest teamwork with high definition performance from only 512 Kbps. What's more, you can reduce the bandwidth requirements for your new video conferencing system by up to 50%, which means a faster ROI, a reduction in total cost of ownership, and the ability to bring high quality video to locations where bandwidth is constrained.

Below are a list of benefits your organization will experience when making the Trade-In (or should we say Trade-Up) to a Polycom HDX system:

Improved Experience

  • The 50% reduction in bandwidth requirements means high definition can be deployed organization-wide and all video users can now experience high definition video on every call at 512 Kbps
  • More employees can now benefit from visual communications, including time and cost savings and improved productivity due to less travel

Reduce Costs

  • Organizations that had bandwidth constraints and were not able to deploy high definition organization-wide are now able to experience high definition at the same bandwidth as their current standard definition video conferencing system
  • More companies are able to maximize their existing bandwidth investment with the addition of meeting rooms and video deployment organization-wide
  • The lower bandwidth requirements allow organizations to expand the use of high definition for room-based systems
Contact your local Solutionz Representative or view the Polycom Video Trade-In Program to see a list of eligible HDX systems and the qualifying rebate.

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