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The video capabilities of the Polycom Trio line of conference phones has already made it an industry favorite, but with Polycom’s recent announcement of additional video features, the Trio has become an even more powerful force in the realm of AV solutions.

Polycom Trio was already a flexible, all-purpose audio solution, with the Visual+ add-on transforming the conference phone into a multimedia collaboration station. Visual+ allows users to share documents, presentations, photos and video with people in the room as well as remote participants. With the addition of a USB camera, Visual+ allows for HD video conferencing as well.

But Polycom is taking Trio’s video potential a step further. Polycom Trio will now include high-end video capabilities suitable for larger meeting rooms. These additional features will include facial tracking, dual monitor support, superior audio coverage and easier content sharing. And all of this will be manageable via Polycom Trio’s touch screen--no additional remote controls will be required.

“Customers have higher expectations than ever before for meeting rooms—they want every meeting space to be a true collaboration center with simple voice, video, and content sharing,” says Mary McDowell, Polycom CEO. “Polycom continues to lead the way with Polycom Trio, making it the simplest way for our customers to connect, communicate, and be productive.”

We’d be remiss not to mention Polycom Trio’s peerless audio. Trio is still also a phone, after all. With features like Enhanced HD Voice, NoiseBlock (which eliminates background noise) and 360-degree microphone coverage, Polycom Trio has no match in the audio solution market. On top of all that, Polycom Trio supports hybrid registration. Which means you can use the Trio on all the leading UC platforms. And that’s not all--you can also register your Trio to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Need more convincing? Consider the fact that the Associated Press uses Polycom Trio phones to conduct global business.

“We use Polycom Trios to connect with fellow staffers in over 100 countries across the globe, whether it’s with a voice call, video conference, or sharing documents,” says Gianluca D’Aniello, AP senior vice president and chief technology officer. “It is essential to our worldwide operations that our internal communication tools offer the best engagement technology and experiences.”

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